Breadwallet Support Number


Breadwallet Support Number +1 (888) 287-8183

Breadwallet with its unique features and design is winning community support at a great height in the cryptocurrency world. People all across the world are using a mobile-based wallet for storing Bitcoins on iOS and Android phones. Bread is known to be the first wallet to provide customer reward and loyalty program while managing their customer via Breadwallet support number. A user can have the comprehensive assistance at any time and from any part of the world to get the support every time whenever they find trouble with it.

What exactly is Breadwallet?

Breadwallet in short also known as “BRD” which is a free digital wallet app for a bitcoin  designed in 2015 by Bread company.  The wallet application is free to download for both iOS and Android mobile platforms. The main motive of developing an app is to provide one of the easiest mobile wallets even for a beginners. The company with headquarter in Zurich, Switzerland has developed robust security features with the app to protect users confidential information.

The mobile wallet being the open and free source is considered by the many users so that they can be in touch with the wallet wherever they go. There is no server to get hacked, so anyone can easily access their money. The SPV mode allows wallet to connect directly to the Bitcoin network which provides the user with fast accessibility. There are many amazing features present in it which really make it an amazing platform.

Unique features present with the Breadwalllet

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Payment identification protocol
  • Touch id and facial recognition security features available
  • Sand boxing of the app
  • Directly connects the customer to the Bitcoin blockchain
  • Add extra security by generating multiple addresses for every transaction
  • Responsive support system
  • Provides ability to buy Bitcoin directly through app
  • Top-notch customer service
  • Standalone iPhone Bitcoin wallet

These are very few significant features with the wallet. Apart from these features, there are many other innovative features that a user can come to know while utilizing the app. Anyway, if users have not yet utilized the application and want to know its features, they can dial the Breadwallet support phone number and can know every single bit about the app.

Issues a user might confront with Breadwalllet

  • Application installation issues
  • Wallet running slow
  • Problem in updating the wallet
  • Unawareness about the wallet
  • Don’t know the way to use security features
  • Unable to transfer bitcoin
  • Slow synchronization
  • Problem in updating the app for Android

These issues can really create a big issues, but you should not get worried at all, as you have the Breadwallet phone number to provide all sorts of solution for the issues concerning to the wallet.

Customer support

One can easily connect with the customer support team of wallet via Breadwallet support number +1 (888) 287-8183 which is open all day and night to support their customer with a top-notch solution. A user can visit many websites who offer such support services for wallet and can instant acquire the finest solution.