CEX.io Phone Number

cex.io phone numberCEX.io Phone Number +1 (866) 282-6282 for Tremendous Support Service

There are numerous websites offering Bitcoin exchange services, among which CEX.io is globally known as a trustworthy and reliable platform. With a wide number of customer all across the world, the platform can be considered as the ideal platform for digital coin exchange services. The company with in a very short span of time has established as the most preferred exchange platform. This is not only because of its innovative exchange services but also because of the easy and convenient customer support service via CEX.io phone number.

The company was first established as the cloud mining service provider in 2013 and later, it developed as the multi-functional cryptocurrency exchange service provider. Its incredible growth laid to develop a multi level account system which is simply accessible to everyone, no matter whether anyone is an established trader or a beginner, they can easily utilize it.

The platform as the digital currency exchanger offers trading services for fiat money like EUR, USD, RUB, and GBP. The exchange platform is constantly working to make its service more advanced while ensuring the high level of support for the customer via CEX.io support phone number. The company with the aim of achieving the best cryptocurrency exchange is adding many new coins with lots of amazing features.

Features which make CEX.io as the best exchange platform
Simple user-interface
Fast payment option via MasterCard, Swift bank transfer, Sepa, and Visa
Strong safety and security to ensure great safety for users data
Certification like PCI DSS serves as the proof for safety
Services available across many countries in the US while holding more than 12 states
Two factor authentication
Real time reporting with the access of downloadable reports and transactions history
Transparent fees
Cross-platform trading via mobile app, website, and websocktes
Fast execution of the orders
High quality customer support
These features really make it one of the most interesting platforms and reliable platform to buy, sell, and trade crypto currencies. There are many other amazing features that a user will come to know after utilizing the exchange platform.

However, even with such innovative features, there are also some users who have reported for some issues with it. Though these issues are easily resolvable with the access of the CEX.io support number which is always ready with complete support.

Some of the issues reported with CEX.io are:
Error occurred while doing sign up
Login and password issue
Two-factor authentication not working
Website running slow or sudden freezes
Unable to install its app
Problem in running app on mobile
Sudden hike in the exchange rate
Error occurred while doing transactions and withdrawal
If you are getting any of the above issues, you need to look for the fast and pro experts who can deal with any kind of troubling phase with it. A user can dial a toll-free CEX.io support phone number to get in touch with such advanced professional.

CEX.io Customer Support
The support center for this exchange platform is available in every part of the world, so a user can easily have their assistance in every part of the world and at any moment. A user can easily avail their assistance via chat, Skype, toll-free CEX.io support number +1 (866) 282-6282, and email. They can also visit their Q&A pages to find the solution procedure.