MultiBit Support Number

MultiBit Support Number +1 (866) 282-6282

Multibit is a Bitcoin wallet featured with lightweight and thin client specially developed for those who look for the fast and easy to use the platform. The wallet fast synchronization feature with the network make it ready in a minute to use. It was first launched online in 2011 with round the clock support service offered via Multibit phone number. With its amazing services, it is considered as the oldest wallet in the bitcoin communities.

The wallet providing great compatabilty with various opertaing systems like Windows, MacOS, and Linux has created a strong presence among the user’s world wide. The company with its immense success rate later launched the advanced version as MultiBit HD, which introduced the multiple wallet support with the platform. A user can open multiple wallets without even downloading the entire blockchain. Besides these features, a user can find lots of interesting features.

MultiBit offers lots of superb features:

  • Supports multiple wallets at the same time
  • Fast and easy synchronization with the network
  • Free and open source platform
  • Offer official supports for more than 40 languages
  • Confined in many languages
  • Easy import and export for your private keys
  • Good control over your money
  • Provide compatibility with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux
  • Easy setup and back backup
  • Multiple wallets can be created with the software

Beside these above features, a user can get lots of interesting features, but at the same time, there can also be some of the phases in which they may also some of the issues. However, these issues are easily resolveable with the access of the Multibit customer support number which is available throughout day and night to provide immediate resolution for any kind of the issues with the wallet.

Issues encountered with the Multibit are:

  • Sign up and signin issues with the wallet
  • Problem occurred while installation
  • Wallet sudden stops working
  • Issues occurred while creating multiple wallets
  • Incompatibility issues with the varied operating system
  • Unable to create the backup
  • Problem in utilizing the complete security features
  • Wallet seems empty

These are the most common issues that have been reported via the user. However, there can be many other issues that may occur with the wallet, but a user needn’t get scared as they can dial a Multibit support number to get the finest solution.

24*7 Customer Support

The company with its amazing services areola well known for providing the top-notch customer support services. It understands the importance of their customer, so their support services are available round the clock. A user can get in touch with its advanced and well-experienced technical experts to get instant support.

The customer support team comprises of the highly experienced experts who all have the perfect knowledge of each and every element of the wallet. So, they can handle any of the situations with it, no matter whether the problem is bigger or smaller.

Beside getting their support through toll-free, one can also have the support via their help pages where the solution for many of the issues has been already mentioned. Hence, if you want to keep your wallet always trouble, you must always be in touch with the customer support team.